Summertime Sticker Ideas That Are Sure to Satisfy

It’s summer! That means it’s nice outside, people are happy, and the year is almost over. If you’ve ever gotten the sense that summertime brings the best out of people, you’re not alone; in fact, numerous surveys have found people prefer the summer months more than any other time of […]

Posted by / Jul 12, 2019


Why Do Millennials Love Stickers: 3 Reasons Why

We live in a time where customization is everything. If you’re selling a product or service, you better expect a demand for customization to grow the second you hit the market. Millennials in particular are hyper-focused on customization: if they can’t make your product/service unique, they don’t want it. Stickers […]

Posted by / Jun 27, 2019


Got Something to Say: Speak Your Mind with Flashy Stickers

StickerFly’s selection of stickers is ideal for anyone looking to display their ideas in a fun and impactful way. Powerful images often say more than words ever could, and this is why people gravitate to these images. If you’ve ever wanted to bring out others’ emotions, a powerful image is […]

Posted by / Jun 14, 2019


Sports Stickers Just in Time for the Playoffs

High-Quality stickers will always be a favorite option for fans looking to display team support. There are plenty of stickers out there, but one of the most noticeable sticker types is sports stickers. They’re on cars, windows, coolers, hats, jackets—the list could seriously go on forever. Sports stickers are so […]

Posted by / May 29, 2019


Die Cut Stickers vs Kiss Cut Stickers

One of the most affordable ways to promote a small business is through handing out stickers. Custom stickers are phenomenal promotional tools for small businesses. They are small, affordable, fun and can be placed almost anywhere. Stickers are a great way to generate cheap advertising. Many customers enjoy demonstrating brand […]

Posted by / Mar 29, 2019