Laptop Stickers: How Many Is Too Many

Posted by / May 23, 2019

Stickers are great for displaying your beliefs and ideas, but how many is too many when it comes to laptop stickers?

We’ve all seen them before: laptops adorned with eye-catching stickers. The cool thing about laptops is they provide ample room, which means a lot of stickers can be placed without things getting cluttered.

Here’s the truth about laptop stickers: there’s really no standard when it comes to how many you’d like to place on your machine. Keeping the following points in mind, however, will help you decide how many stickers are right for you:

  • Overlapping stickers, even to the point where there’s no more laptop showing, can look cool.
  • Text-heavy stickers are cool, but give them some space so things do not look cluttered.
  • Sports stickers will garner approval from fellow fans.
  • Vibrant, colorful stickers are always a favorite.
  • Stickers that refer to a place or event are as well popular.
  • Some stickers may be controversial; be aware of what you’re displaying on your laptop.

Stickerfly’s Wide Range of Laptop Stickers Is First-Rate

The aforementioned tips should help you with all your sticker-placing concerns, but one not mentioned above is that quality of the stickers is absolutely essential. Nothing looks worse than a laptop that’s covered in cheap stickers—the kind that chip, peel, and disintegrate shockingly soon after they’re initially placed.

StickerFly’s selection of stickers is held to high standards, which means every product they ship is guaranteed to be an attention-grabbing, long-lasting addition to any surface. Best of all, StickerFly’s customization options are really helpful and easy to understand. If you want personal stickers that really speak to who you are, StickerFly is your best bet.

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